Announcing our first keynote speaker: Bruce Perens

We are extremely excited to announce Bruce Perens as a keynote speaker at OpenSym 2019!

Bruce Perens is one of the founders of the Open Source movement in software, and was the person to announce “Open Source” to the world. He created the Open Source Definition, the set of legal requirements for Open Source licensing which still stands today. Mr. Perens is presently CEO of Algoram, a start-up business which is producing a 50-1000 MHz software-defined radio transceiver, and of Legal Engineering, a legal-technical consultancy.

Mr. Perens is a generalist, and feels that the most creative work is done at the intersections between fields rather than as a specialist in only one. Thus, he has worked on the junction of art and software at Pixar Animation Studios, the junction of intellectual property, economics, community, and programming in his work on Open Source, the junction of law and software for Legal Engineering, and the junction of electronics, communications, and software in his software-defined radio work for Algoram.

By Friprog [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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