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WikiSym 2007

Jonathan Grudin, Microsoft Research

"Living Without Parental Controls"

This is by far the most interesting, dynamic period in the quarter century I've worked on collaboration technologies, and there is every reason to believe the pace will pick up. We can ignore history without being doomed to repeat it, because there is no going back. But there have been trends that suggest what we might watch out for. Ignoring the admonition that "he who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass," I'll describe observations, research, and product innovation that suggest opportunities and challenges swirling toward and around us. Central to the changes is the generation growing up with wikis, weblogs, tagging, map mashups, messaging, multiplayer games, and other social software.

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Jonathan Grudin is a Principal Researcher in the Microsoft Adaptive Systems and Interaction group. His involvement in HCI began shortly before the first CHI conference and his involvement with collaboration technologies shortly before the first CSCW conference. His research at Microsoft has included studies of streaming media, privacy and sharing, early use of emerging technologies in organizations, and the impact of technologies on the gulf between policies and practice.

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