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Stewart Nickolas, IBM

Wednesday, September 10, 8:30-10:00 @ Main Auditorium (A101)



In this session we'll discuss our experiences and lessons learned over the past couple years from developing and validating a technology called QEDWiki which is an application wiki (see video). We will also discuss our vision of the web beyond the technologies, uses and concepts attributed to Web 2.0. We'll discuss the importance of the ecosystem at the heart of the mashup/application wiki ecosystem,; specifically, opensource, commercial and community efforts. Looking forward, we'll explore ways to derive new value from web consumables such as text, video and audio using semantic analysis and the inspection and repurposing of huge amounts of data within "massive" mashups.

Stewart Nickolas is a Distinguished Engineer in the Emerging Internet Technologies Group within IBM. Stew's recent responsibilities include chairing the OpenAjax Gadget Taskforce, leading the QEDWiki project within IBM, and defining and shaping IBM's Web 2.0 and Situational Application strategies. The Gadgets Taskforce is focused on defining a shared set of metadata that provides seamless integration among the gadgets providers and consumers. Stew has also spearheaded IBM's technical strategy and implementation in the emerging area of Web 2.0 Enterprise Mash-up Makers. Additionally Stew works with customers to validate new technologies and with IBM product teams to develop the appropriate products. Stew has been recognized by IBM with Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards in the area of Situational Applications and Rich Internet Applications.

Read also his interview to WikiSym Blog

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