Industry Track

Industry Track discussion

There is a two-hour discussion session scheduled for Thursday, July 8. This will be an open discussion about topics related to industry and open collaboration.

What do I mean by Industry?

Focused on the specific needs of enterprises and private companies interested in sharing and promoting their experiences around wikis and open collaboration projects/products/initiatives.


How are the needs of enterprise different to those of academia and wikipedia?

  • Assumption of strong user identity,
  • Unity of purpose (for the good of the organization)
  • That individuals are willing to share, if culture is right, (need rewards)
  • Planning needs
  • Operational needs
  • Documentation needs
    • Semantics, Summarization, BPMS, Adaptive Case Management
  • Regulation/compliance,
  • Workflow Process and Systems Integration
  • Security (and Information Hiding)

Where does a wiki enable new strategic capabilities for Firms?

From the Mundane to the Strategic
  • Onboarding
    • Teaching newcomers what they need
    • Teaching the firm what newcomers need and what they can contribute
  • Interteam Collaborating
    • Blending the Disciplines of different practitioners
    • Awareness of capabilties, interests, aspirations of coworkers
  • Organizational Agility (the ability to mobilize the forces of the company to respond to economic opportunity)

What needs to be done to get acceptance of a wiki into a firm?

  • Concept
    • Defined
    • Which stakeholders care
  • Team
    • Defined
    • Which stakeholders care
  • Problem
    • Defined
    • Which stakeholders care
  • Technology
    • Defined
    • Which stakeholders care

Which wikis fit well

  • Enterprise security
  • Enterprise standards

Where do wikis fit among other products used?

  • Content Creation
  • Survival among CMS, (and boring things like Records Management, Retention Management)


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