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Welcome to WikiSym 2012

We are pleased to welcome you to the 8th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration.  This symposium has been a gathering place for those interested in how we can use technologies like Wikis to support, develop, and change collaboration and collective action.

Wikisym is a leading conference in understanding how individuals, groups, organizations and society can use information and communication technology to enable novel and meaningful collaboration and collective action.  Researchers and practitioners from all over the world have gathered together in these meetings to discuss and display their insights into this important area of inquiry.

This year the conference is taking place August 27-29 in Linz, Austria.  Linz is a modern, innovative city on the Danube with an incredible mixture of art, technology, open government, and innovative city planning.  From viewing the incredible art exhibits at Lentos Kunstmuseum to enjoying a coffee in one of the famous cafes in the Linz city center, this location offers a wide range of experiences to enjoy during the meeting. 

WikiSym 2012 is pleased to be collocated with Ars Electronica this year.  Ars Electronica is an annual festival that has been occurring since 1979 and helps explore the intersection of art and technology. Thousands of people attend this event, and should make for a vibrant and exciting atmosphere in Linz.

Hope to see you there!
Cliff Lampe, General Chair

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