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Conference Program

WikiSym 2008 offers a rigorously reviewed research paper track, as well as plenty of space for practitioner reports, workshops, panels, demonstrations, tutorials, and informal but lively OpenSpace and WikiFest sessions.

In addition, WikiSym 2008 will have a set of invited talks.

For the first time this year, there will be a DoctoralSpace, an interactive forum for doctoral students to provide guidance on their doctoral work, a WikiFest and a WikiWalk.

The social program will help participants know more about each others and Porto city.

Program Day by Day

Pre-conference Day

Conference Days

Post-conference Day

Program Overview

Online version: last update on 12:30 GMT 29 Aug 2008 (optimized for Firefox or any other modern browser)

Printable version in PDF, as of 5 of September

Sunday, September 7
Tuesday, September 9
Wednesday, September 10
Thursday, September 11


OpenSpace will take place throughout WikiSym 2008, providing a place for all of WikiSym to be together to start and end each day. The OpenSpace schedule will be written by the participants on the first day, and modified throughout, as new topics emerge, just like a wiki. Notes from the sessions should be recorded at OpenSpace.

Some possible topics include: WikiMetrics and Wikipedia Studies, Wiki Law, Semantic Wiki, Wikis in Education, Application Wikis. Bring your ideas!

As a post-conference event, WikiWalk will let you walk and talk about wikis and the city of Porto, while visiting some of the historical streets and places of Porto. It will be an open event that all interested on joining will be welcome!

Keynote and Invited Speakers

  • George T. Landow, Professor of Art and History at Brown University
  • Stewart Nickolas, IBM Emerging Technologies
  • Dan Ingalls, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Research Papers and Practitioners Reports

Twenty papers were accepted for the conference.

Session "Innovative Wikis"

  • "LBWiki: A Location-Based Wiki", David E. Millard, Rebecca Lewis, and Yvonne Howard
  • "Socs: Increasing Social and Group Awareness for Wikis by Example of Wikipedia", Claus Atzenbeck and David L. Hicks
  • "ShyWiki-A Spatial Hypertext Wiki", Carlos Solis and Nour Ali
  • "ThinkSpace: the collaborative process of designing new technologies for the classroom", Jane Alexen Shuyska and Chris Davies

Session "Wiki and Language"

  • "Translating the DEMGOL Etymological Dictionary of Greek Mythology with the BEYTrans Wiki", Kyo Kageura, Christian Boitet, Francesca Marzari, Yousef Bey
  • "The Cross-Lingual Wiki Engine: Enabling Collaboration Across Language Barriers", Louis-Philippe Huberdeau, Sébastien Paquet, and Alain Désilets
  • "Enabling Community Creation of Linguistic Data", A.Kumaran and K. Saravanan

Session "Wiki Writers"

  • "Measuring Author Contributions to the Wikipedia", B. Thomas Adler, Luca de Alfaro, Ian Pye, Vishwanath Raman
  • "A Method for Measuring Co-authorship Relationships in MediaWiki", Libby Veng-Sam Tang, Robert P. Biuk-Aghai, and Simon Fong
  • "A Study of Ontology Convergence in a Semantic Wiki", Chrysovalanto Kousetti, David E. Millard, and Yvonne Howard

Session "Knowledge Representation and Learning"

  • "A Motivating and Enabling Collection: Building Organizational Memory with a Workgroup Wiki", Sean Munson
  • "Visualizing Wiki-Supported Knowledge Building: Co-Evolution of Individual and Collective Knowledge", Andreas Harrer, Johannes Moskaliuk, Joachim Kimmerle , Ulrike Cress
  • "Wiki-based Collaborative Learning: Incorporating Self-Assessment Tasks", Ben Liu, Hehie Chen, and Wei He

Session "Models, Architecture, and Other Vexations"

  • "A Grammar for Standardized Wiki Markup", Martin Junghans, Dirk Riehle, Rama Gurram, Matthias Kaiser, Mário Lopes, Umit Yalcinalp
  • "A bliki model to support political discourse formation", Rui Pedro Lourenço
  • "Security of Community Developed and 3rd party Wiki Plug-ins", Andy Webber

Session "Wiki Analysis, Growth, and Trust"

  • "Wiki Trust Metrics based on Phrasal Analysis", Mark Kramer, Andy Gregorowicz, Bala Iyer
  • "WikiChanges - Exposing Wikipedia Revision Activity", Sergio Nunes, Cristina Ribeiro, Gabriel David
  • "Assigning Trust to Wikipedia Content", B. Thomas Adler, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Luca de Alfaro, Marco Faella, Ian Pye, and Vishwanath Raman
  • "Measuring Wiki Viability", Camille Roth ,Dario Taraborelli , Nigel Gilbert






Featured posters


Any of the poster presenters also has the option to demo to their audience.

Here follows a few demos that are not associated with posters.

If you have something you would like to demo at WikiSym, please contact Martin Cleaver on


WikiFest is a conference session devoted to helping you start and grow a successful wiki.

Topics to be covered:

  • Choose the right wiki software for your needs
  • Run a pilot to start use on a small scale and establish a core group of users
  • Steps to a successful wiki pilot
  • How to get it widely used throughout your organization, project, or group.
  • Avoid the potential obstacles to wiki success: What are they, and how can you avoid or fix them?


  • Soobaek Jang and Brian D. Goodman - IBM
  • Camille Goksever - Chevron
  • Antero Aunesluoma and Heikki Wilenius - University of Helsinki
  • Sean Munson - University of Michigan, The Boeing Company and Derek Hansen - University of Maryland
  • Martin Seibert - //SEIBERT/MEDIA
  • Lex Slaghuis - wikiwise

For more information on WikiFest, please see WikiFest.


  • "TikiWiki CMS/Groupware: when a Wiki is not enough", Marc Laporte,
  • "Wikis for Publishing", Stewart Mader, Atlassian
  • "How to effectively deploy an application wiki at work", Peter Thoeny,
  • "TiddlyWiki"

How The Program Is Chosen

"The primary duty of the program committee is to ensure the integrity and the reliability of the research literature. People who attend the conference, or who consult its Proceedings in the future, must be confident that the results reported here are honest, accurate, and may be relied upon."
"This differs from the duty of a commercial conference like TED, which must consider first what might best attract and entertain its customers. It differs, too, from conferences that cultivate movements, such as SEED or An Event Apart, where the program seeks to advance a professional goal, or where the intent is to train people in the techniques that have made some of their colleagues particularly successful."

Program chair Mark Bernstein is writing a series of notes on the way program committees work. See

More information

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Conference Program
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Keynote and Invited speakers
George P. Landow
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Stewart Nickolas
IBM Emerging Technologies
Dan Ingalls
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
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