The conference will take place online from the 15th to the 17th of September. Each day we will have a two-hour slot, from 14:00 to 16 (UTC), with two sessions per day.

Each day will consist of 2 sessions of 50 minutes. Each session will consist of 4 presentations of 5 minutes each, followed byQ&A addressing any of the speakers for 30 minutes. There will be social events before and after the sessions.

Note that all times are given in UTC. 14:00 UTC corresponds to LA 7:00, NY 10:00, Berlin 16:00, Delhi 19:30, Beijing 22:00, Sydney 00:00.

Wed Sept 15th

14:00 UTC — Welcome

14:15 UTC — Keynote: Liliana Carrillo (CollectiveUp): Towards Open Worlds (from how to connect with digital games to build 3D build cities… and the whole world!)

15:00 UTC — Pedagogy, open data, IoT and more

“The Implementation of an Open Hardware and Open Source Software Internet of Things Demonstrator: An experience report”
by Simon Butler, Jonas Gamalielsson and Bjorn Lundell

“The platform belongs to those who work on it! Co-designing worker-centric task distribution models”
by David Rozas, Jorge Saldivar and Eve Zelickson

“Open data as part of numeric strategies against COVID-19 : the case of Belgium”
by Robert Viseur

“Group Formation in a Cross-Classroom Collaborative Project-Based Learning Environment”
by Gail Rolle-Greenidge and Paul Walcott

Thu Sept 16th

14:00 UTC — Open innovation, Open science and Open source

“How makers responded to the PPE shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis focused on the Hauts-de-France region”
by Robert Viseur, Berengere Fally and Amel Charleux

“From Open Science to Open Source (and beyond): A Historical Perspective on Open Practices without and with IT”
by Bastian Wolff and Daniel Schlagwein

“Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for North-South Research Collaboration: An Experience Report”
by Sulayman K. Sowe, Mirco Schoenfeld, Cyrus Samimi, Petra Steiner and Jonas Huisl

“A Reference Model for Open Innovation Platforms”
by Pablo Cruz, Felipe Beroiza, Francisco Ponce and Hernan Astudillo

15:00 UTC — Keynote: Daniel Izquierdo (Bitergia): From academia to industry: 10 years of OSS software development Analytics by Bitergia

Fri Sept 17th

14:00 UTC — Wikipedia I: Quality, participation and users

“Implicit Visual Attention Feedback System for Wikipedia Users”
by Neeru Dubey, Amit Arjun Verma, S.R.S. Iyengar and Simran Setia

“Measuring Wikipedia Article Quality in One Dimension by Extending ORES with Ordinal Regression”
by Nathan Teblunthuis

“Wikipedia Edit-a-thons and Editor Experience: Lessons from a Participatory Observation”
by Wioletta Gluza, Izabela Turaj and Florian Meier

“Extracting and Visualizing User Engagement on Wikipedia Talk Pages”
by Carlin MacKenzie and John Hott

15:00 UTC — Wikipedia II: Bias and quality

“Quantifying the Gap: A Case Study of Wikidata Gender Disparities”
by Charles Chuankai Zhang and Loren Terveen

“WDProp: Web Application to Analyse Multilingual Aspects of Wikidata Properties”
by John Samuel

“Equal opportunities in the access to quality online health information? A multi-lingual study on Wikipedia”
by Luis Couto and Carla Teixeira Lopes

“Investigating Western Bias in Wikipedia Articles about Terrorist Incidents”
by Mariella Steinkasserer, Thorsten Ruprechter and Denis Helic

16:00 UTC — Farewell