Location, Travel, Venue and Tourism

WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 (WS+OS) will take place in Hong Kong, China, on Aug 5-7, 2013.


WS+OS will take place at Cyberport, a Hong Kong government owned facility for high-tech companies and events. Cyberport has several facilities, we will be at Cyberport 3. Their website has some additional information on getting to Cyberport.


Hong Kong is a major airline hub and served well and cheaply from around the world. Hong Kong has an efficient public transport network as well as an abundance of readily available taxis.

Visitors from most countries won't need a visa, as the Hong Kong government has visa waiver agreements with most countries. However, please make sure yourself well in advance of attending the conference that you meet Hong Kong's visa requirements. (Please note that visa requirements for mainland China are different, and for entry into the P.R.C. you will likely need a visa.)


The main conference hotel is:

  • Le Meridien Cyberport, a 5 star hotel. Rates start at 200 USD, but better rates can be found through online booking sites.

It is low season in Hong Kong, and there are many other options for all budgets.

Recommended other options for all budgets (these are all less than 10 min from the venue):

More and cheaper options are in Aberdeen, the southern district of Hong Kong Island.

Since the Cyberport is not in downtown Hong Kong, please make sure you book a hotel with good public transport connection to the Cyberport if you book hotels other than the listed ones.


We are a maintaining a page with information about what to do before and after the conference and how to meet up with other WS+OS people.