Demos and Posters

Demos and posters are being presented on Aug 5, during the Welcome Reception, and on Aug 7 during the late morning session.

No Type Title / Presenters
1. Poster Interest Classification of Twitter Users using Wikipedia (Kwan Hui Lim, Amitava Datta)
2. Poster A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Barnstars on Wikipedia Editing (Kwan Hui Lim, Amitava Datta and Michael Wise
3. Poster A Graphical User Interface for SILK Data Link Discovery Framework (Rina Singh, Jan Hidders, Feng Xia, Jialiang Kang)
4. Poster DotWiki and new gTLDs (Ray King)
5. Demo Data Twist: An experimental script family to twist Open Data into new shapes (Shane Coughlan, Tetsuo Noda, Yasumichi Hanagata)
6. Demo The Basic Techniques in Text Mining using Open-source Tools (Jun Iio)
7. Demo R-Tools: Mediawiki extension for full-scale statistical computing (Juha Villman, Einari Happonen)
8. Demo Automated metrics for Wiki-based school assignments (Oren Bochman)
9. Demo WorkingWiki: a MediaWiki-based platform for collaborative research (Lee Worden)