Wiki Farm Companies: Which are Your Fastest Growing Communities?

Martin Cleaver, Blended Perspectives. Toronto, Canada.

Wiki farm: a website that offers to the public a sectioned-off set of wiki pages

It’s evident that Wiki Farms, such as PBWiki, Wetpaint, Wikia and WikiSpaces are growing rapidly. Many content producers don’t have the resources or desire to install their own wiki platform behind the firewall or they want to dabble first, so these sites act as great places to experiment while allowing someone else to manage the content.

Typical users are professors at universities and colleges, who assign their students homework on them, towns, many not for profits and groups of knowledge specialists (such as legal, medical and accounting) who have the need to share effort or align on approach. The result is these sites act as wellpools into which effort is gravitated and content collects around seeds of common interest.

It occurred to me that the growth of these sites would make for an interesting study. For instance, which sectors and specialties are most engaged in adopting wikis?

If you work for a wiki farm firm, or you work for a wiki vendor that offers free (or paid) wiki farms, I want to hear from you. For instance, which of your users are generating the most interesting content and where have you seen the biggest growth in readership?

I’ll interview you for your story and I’ll share with the WikiSym readership.

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