Poster submission results are out!

Hi all,

Thank you for bearing with us!

So, after many hours of deliberation, the posters and demo team have completed their evaluations. I have just finished sending out the notifications. If you have submitted something and have not received an answer it is important that you contact me ( before Monday 21 July.

Similar to papers, posters were subjected to peer review. Each poster proposal was reviewed by at least three committee members and some, especially those we couldn’t take, were read by five or six separate reviewers.

Unlike papers, however, posters didn’t need to show depth of research rigour. Instead, posters were selected on the basis of clarity and relevance to the wiki community, coupled with originality, utility and degree of innovation. Nevertheless, some posters did show such rigour and those now have the option to be included into the ACM Proceedings as an ACM-DL abstract. ACM inclusion may not be appropriate or matter in every case but should the author choose inclusion in the ACM proceedings, the final copy needs to be submitted for July 26, 2008. Of the 26 demo/poster proposals submitted, we accepted 11 candidates for the ACM.

Some posters or demo submitters received letters asking them to clarify what they intend to show. An example of this is where the topic looks really interesting but there was no obvious pathway as to how they met their goal. Those people are welcome to reformulate their poster, and, we will help you evolve your submission. Due to the Jul 26 ACM deadline, posters reworked this way are unlikely to be ready for the ACM proceedings. We will continue to be keen to bring all late-breaking news as last-minute posters, so you still get to share and discuss your findings with your peers in the industry.

Finally, we have OpenSpace/UnConference track for the conference. This means that even ideas that haven’t been written may well be fantastic ingredients to these dynamic conversations. Everyone has the opportunity to present and you may find that you are able convey verbally your ideas to engage your fellow participants at WikiSym2008.



Martin Cleaver M.Sc. MBA
WikiSym 2008 Demos and Posters Chair

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