Wikis4SE: Workshop on “Wikis for Software Engineering”

Wikis provide a very effective environment for collaborative authoring of web-based documents, and are thus intensively used to support the edition, organization and storage of software documentation.

But wikis can do more.

They may be used to support other software engineering activities and even to inspire new ways of developing software.

This workshop focuses precisely on the usage of wikis to support software engineering activities, to improve team collaboration and communication in software projects, and on identifying the open issues requiring research and development to yield an even wider usage and better integration of wikis with other software engineering tools and infrastructures.

In last edition of the workshop, at ICSE’2009, Ward Cunningham challenged the participants (by video) to think/discover/idealize how wikis and tools should be like to enable software development to follow the wiki’s philosophy.

Following the insightful discussion then started, we plan to continue it at WikiSym 2009, in a very open and informal way, so that everybody interested in this topic may attend, contribute and benefit from it.

More details in the Wikis4SE wiki (external link).

If you have interest on contributing to this challenge, join us!

Ademar Aguiar, Nuno Flores, and Paulo Merson

Monday, October 26th, 13h30-17h00, Room Fantasia A

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