Panel Preview: Apples to Oranges?

On Wednesday right before lunch, we have a great panel:

Apples to Oranges? Comparing across studies of open collaboration/peer production

Panelists: Judd Antin, Ed H. Chi, James Howison, Sharoda Paul, Aaron Shaw, Jude Yew

This panel seeks to begin a discussion of how we can meaningfully compare and contrast between the diverse instances of open collaboration and peer production employed on the Internet today. Current research on the topic have tended to be too platform- (e.g. Wikipedia) or domain- (e.g. open source) specific. The panelists will be tasked with addressing this problem using their own expertise and research projects to bear on the issue. Ultimately, the panel will seek to lay the foundations for the development of theoretical frameworks and principles for the design and application of open collaboration and CBPP based systems.

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