Session Preview: Wikis in the Workplace

The technical session Wikis in the Workplace will feature three presentations. See the schedule for details on when and where to go.

The Success of Corporate Wiki Systems: An End User Perspective

Zeeshan Ahmed Bhatti, Serge Baile, Hina Mahboob Yasin

With the ever increasing use of Web 2.0 sites on the internet, the use of Web 2.0 based tools is now employed by organizations across the globe. One of the most widely used Web 2.0 tools in organizations is wiki technology, particularly in project management. It is important for organizations to measure the success of their wiki system implementation. With the advent of new technologies in the market and their deployment by the firms, it is necessary to investigate how they can help organizations execute processes in a better way. In this paper we present a theoretical model for the measurement of corporate wikis’ success from the end-user’s perspective based on the theoretical foundation of DeLone & McLean’s IS success model. We extend the model by incorporating contextual factors with respect to wiki technology in a project management task. This study intends to help firms to understand in a better way, how they can use wikis to achieve an efficient, effective and improved end-user performance. This would also be helpful for companies engaged in wiki development business to improve their products keeping in view the perceptions of wiki end-users.

ICKEwiki: Requirements and Concepts for an Enterprise Wiki for SMEs

Stefan Voigt, Frank Fuchs-Kittowski, Detlef Hüttemann, Michael Klafft, Andreas Gohr

Extensive empirical studies of the use of Web 2.0 applications in small and medium-sized enterprises, together with requirements analyses among pilot users, served as the basis to compile requirements for a wiki knowledge and collaboration platform. This experience report discusses the requirements and their implementation in a new wiki engine (ICKEwiki). Initial field experiences with the ICKEwiki implemented among three pilot users are analyzed and potentials for the use and refinement of the platform are presented.

Wiki Scaffolding: Helping Organizations to Set Up Wikis

Oscar Díaz, Gorka Puente

Organizational wikis are framed by an existing organization. This makes these wikis be especially vigilant upon (1) facilitating the alignment of the wiki with organizational practices, (2) engaging management or (3), promoting employees’ participation. To this end, we advocate for the use of “wiki scaffoldings”. A wiki scaffolding is a wiki installation that is provided at the onset, before any contribution is made. It aims to frame wiki contribution along the concerns already known in the hosting organization in terms of glossaries, schedules, organigrams and the like. Thus, wiki contributions do not start from scratch but within a known setting. This paper introduces a language to capture wiki scaffolding in terms of FreeMind’s mind maps. These maps can later be mapped into wiki installations in MediaWiki. The paper seeks to validate the approach in a twofold manner. Firstly, by providing literature quotes that suggest the need for scaffolding. Secondly, by providing scaffolding examples for wikis reported in the literature. The findings suggest that wiki scaffolding can be useful to smoothly align wiki activity along the practices of the hosting organization from the onset.

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