Posters Preview

Last but not least, the posters session will feature the 15 posters listed below, along with 8 more from the doctoral consortium selectees, with authors available and excited to chat with you about their work. See the schedule for details on when and where to go.

  • Wikipedia Category Visualization Using Radial Layout. Robert P. Biuk-Aghai and Felix Hon Hou Cheang.
  • Wiki Refactoring: an Assisted Approach Based on Ballots. Oscar Diaz, Gorka Puente, and Cristóbal Arellano.
  • Visualizing Author Contribution Statistics in Wikis Using an Edit Significance Metric. Peter Kin-Fong Fong and Robert P. Biuk-Aghai.
  • The Center for Open Learning and Teaching. Pete Forsyth and Robert E. Cummings.
  • “G1: Patent nonsense”: Participation and Outcomes in Wikipedia’s Article Deletion Processes. R. Stuart Geiger and Heather Ford.
  • Wiki Architectures as Social Translucence Enablers. Stephanie Gokhman, David Mcdonald, and Mark Zachry.
  • Failures of Social Production: Evidence from Wikipedia. Andreea Gorbatai.
  • TWiki: A collaboration tool for the Large Hadron Collider. Peter Jones and Nils Hoimyr.
  • A Scourge to the Pillar of Neutrality: A WikiProject Fighting Systemic Bias. Randall Livingstone.
  • Places on the Map and in the Cloud: Representations of Locality and Geography in Wikipedia. Randall Livingstone.
  • Exploring Linguistic Points of View of Wikipedia. Paolo Massa and Federico Scrinzi.
  • Personality Traits, Feedback Mechanisms and their Impact on Motivation to Contribute to Wikis in Higher Education. Athanasios Mazarakis and Clemens Van Dinther.
  • CoSyne: a Framework for Multilingual Content Synchronization of Wikis. Christof Monz, Vivi Nastase, Matteo Negri, Angela Fahrni, Yashar Mehdad, and Michael Strube.
  • Incentivizing the ASL-STEM Forum. Kyle Rector, Richard Ladner, and Michelle Shepardson.
  • Wiki as Business Application Platform: The MES Showcase. Christoph Sauer.

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