WikiSym 2012 Testimonials

From Heather Ford‘s excellent blog on Ethnography (and other matters), comes this quote:

In the closing session last year, I remember saying “I have been to a lot of conferences lately and I don’t feel like I belong. But I feel like I belong here.” People come to WikiSym because it’s the place to be if you’re doing Wikipedia work. In the words of conference chair, Cliff Lampe said, “WikiSym is the place we come where we know we don’t have to explain ourselves. Where people just “get it”.

(Of course, the room spent on Wikipedia research keeps being discussed, with other types of research seeking its place. Heather, your feedback and critique will help WikiSym grow!)

Jodi Schneider shares her thoughts:

Demos are some of my favorites, like these:

Thanks […] and see you next year!

Astrid Wichmann emailed us:

Unlike other conferences I’ve attended, I enjoyed the open and extremely engaging atmosphere. The focus of WikiSym was clearly to critically discuss and reflect on content, not to present work and move on to the next topic. For me, it has been a joyful learning experience. Thanks to the organizers to do such a fantastic job!

Thank you Astrid and Jodi!

And finally, this tweet says it all:

Thanks everyone, for making WikiSym 2012 a wonderful experience!

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