Notification Deadline Heads-up

Acceptance notifications will be sent out between June 7-15; please stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Notification Deadline Heads-up

  1. Hello

    I was just wondering when you think that the notification of acceptance will be sent? (it said 7-15 June)
    Just eager and curious!
    All the best
    Linda Bradley

  2. About two-thirds have been sent. Because of the track structure, and some tracks being delayed, not all have yet been sent. You should inquire with your track chair directly as to when to expect the notification. We apologize, and we are working hard to finalize the decisions. Thanks!

  3. Hi,

    I’m also curious if my submission was accepted or rejected.
    Didn’t get any further information. Just like to know the status.

  4. I got the notification, but neither in it or in EasyChair I could not find any explicit decision. Where should I look? And where the reviews are available?

  5. I also received notifications, but I am still a bit confused. Received two notifcations. One accepetd as paper and another one accepted as poster. And neither in EasyChair nor in the reviews mail is any explicit decision or rating available.

  6. Andrea, Sven, we are struggeling with EasyChair. The authoritative source for answers to your questions are your research track chairs—please address them directly.

    (EasyChair apparently only recently moved to multi-track and it has its kinks, for example, track chairs cannot send out reviews but the “superchair” (me) has to do it.)

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