An Empirical Evaluation of Property Recommender Systems for Wikidata and Collaborative Knowledge Bases

Title: An Empirical Evaluation of Property Recommender Systems for Wikidata and Collaborative Knowledge Bases

Authors: Eva Zangerle, Wolfgang Gassler, Martin Pichl, Stefan Steinhauser, Günther Specht (University of Innsbruck)

Abstract: The Wikidata platform is a crowdsourced, structured knowledgebase aiming to provide integrated, free and languageagnostic facts which are amongst others used by Wikipedias. Users who actively enter, review and revise data on Wikidata are assisted by a property suggesting system which provides users with properties that might also be applicable to a given item. We argue that evaluating and subsequently improving this recommendation mechanism and hence, assisting users, can directly contribute to an even more integrated, consistent and extensive knowledge base serving a huge variety of applications. However, the quality and usefulness of such recommendations has not been evaluated yet. In this work, we provide the first evaluation of different approaches aiming to provide users with property recommendations in the process of curating information on Wikidata. We compare the approach currently facilitated on Wikidata with two state-of-the-art recommendation approaches stemming from the field of RDF recommender systems and collaborative information systems. Further, we also evaluate hybrid recommender systems combining these approaches. Our evaluations show that the current recommendation algorithm works well in regards to recall and precision, reaching a recall@7 of 79.71% and a precision@7 of 27.97%. We also find that generally, incorporating contextual as well as classifying information into the computation of property recommendations can further improve its performance significantly.

This contribution to OpenSym 2016 will be made available as part of the OpenSym 2016 proceedings on or after August 17, 2016.

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