The Consent Of The Crowd Detected In An Open Forum

Title: The Consent Of The Crowd Detected In An Open Forum

Authors: Mattias Mano, École polytechnique, Jean-Michel Dalle,  Sorbonne Université, and Joanna Tomasik, CentraleSupélec

Abstract: Within Reddit, Change My View is a specific debate forum where anyone can expose her or his view on a given topic and ask the crowd to provide counter-arguments with the aim of potentially changing this view. CMV uses a dual reward system according to which a) anyone, often the person who had asked the initial question, can highlight and acknowledge an argument (a post) by giving it a “delta” (∆) and b) anyone can up- or down-vote one or several posts in a discussion. We take advantage of this dual reward system to investigate a phenomenon we call the Consent of the Crowd. Our results provide evidence on the use of the up-vote reward system by the crowd in order to express a dissent against the ∆ reward. This phenomenon may be observed when not enough contributors got a chance to join the discussion before the ∆ is granted. Our result highlights the necessity for forum moderators to foster discussion between as many participants as possible before closing discussions.

Download: This contribution is part of the OpenSym 2018 proceedings and is available as a PDF file.

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