Using Context Based MicroTraining to Develop OER for the Benefit of All

Title: Using Context Based MicroTraining to Develop OER for the Benefit of All

Authors: Joakim Kävrestad (University of Skövde), Marcus Nohlberg (University of Skövde)

Abstract: This paper demonstrates how Context Based MicroTraining (CBMT) can be used to develop open educational resources in a way that benefits students enrolled in university courses as well as anyone who wants to participate in open-learning activities. CBMT is a framework that provides guidelines for how educational resources should be structured. CBMT stipulates that information should be presented in short sequences and that is relevant for the learner’s current situation. In this paper, CBMT is implemented in a practical ICT course using video lectures that are delivered as open educational resources using YouTube. The experiences of enrolled students as well as YouTube users are evaluated as well as the actual results of the enrolled students. The results of the study suggest that users of the video lectures appreciate the learning approach. The actual results, i.e. learning outcomes, of the enrolled students are maintained. The study also demonstrates how using CBMT as open educational resources can free up time for teachers and increase the quality of teaching by benefitting from community feedback.

Download: This contribution is part of the OpenSym 2019 proceedings and is available as a PDF file.

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