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Impromptu Poster? We’ll make space!

Martin Cleaver. Chair, Demos & Posters. Blended Perspectives, Canada

I’m pleased to remind you of the great posters and demos for you this year, these get formal air-time during some tasty Portuguese “refreshments” on late Monday afternoon.

Our poster presenters, listed in the program, (and most of which took advantage of their right to be entered into the ACM) will each feature a really large poster, and many feature exciting demos too.

With the date almost on us, just 4 days away, many of our attendees are buzzing with new ideas, and, some it turns out, are asking for airtime.

It turns out we’ve got a spare wall…

SO! As we are a wiki conference, and wikis are all about providing space for innovations on the edges, let’s put something together.

Feel free to make a poster, either A2 or A3 in size, and we’ll find you a wall “on the edges”. If you are in an open space, and you’ve summarised your conversation, on a flip chart, we’ll find you a place to put that up too.

It might become a little make-shift, but it’s sure to become exciting 🙂

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Martin Cleaver.