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WikiSym Testimonio: Un testimonio de por qué Vodaphone ha llegado a WikiSym (España)

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Call to Wiki Vendors: Come and Display Your Wiki Software!

By Martin Cleaver MSc MBA, Blended Perspectives

The nice thing about the WikiSym community is that we, between us, have seen far more variants on the technology than can be quickly ascertained from short summaries.

With such a dizzying array of wiki technologies out there, it can be difficult for companies to pick one. Many WikiSym attendees have gained extensive experience about how to weight the factors relevant for a particular corporations. So, organizations wishing to build on their knowledge (or get a grounding on wikis) will find attending WikiSym a useful starting point to pick a platform, as you hear from real users with real stories. Come and ask us the right questions and you will save yourselves time and money!

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Wikis as Intranets: Come Celebrate Your Success!

By Martin Cleaver, Blended Perspectives, Toronto, Canada

The Wiki Symposium has always had a strong research focus, and I think we can all be proud that academic papers such as the WikiSym survey for usage of Wikis was adopted as the standard text used by Gartner research. Now in it’s fourth year, WikiSym is sure to continue promote other such rigorous studies.

My own role in WikiSym 2008 conference is to look after Demos and Posters. My vision is to see this become a destination in its own right, and in particular to add appeal to businesses and communities.

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