Day 1 – Wednesday August 22

Hour    08:45:00 venue
08:45:00 Registration 08:45:00 Hall
09:30:00 Welcome 08:45:00 Amphi B310
10:00:00 keynote speech Challenges and opportunities for open collaboration
  by Kevin Crowston, Distinguished professor at iSchool, Syracuse University
  chair: tba
11:00:00 Coffee Break Hall
11:15:00 Session 1A The technical challenges of studying socio-technical systems Amphi B310 Session 1B Sustainability Room B316
    chair:     Kevin Crowston
chair:  Lorraine Morgan
11:15:00 Paper 1 Lessons Learned on Data Preparation for Geographic Information Systems using Open Data  Jun Iio Paper 1 Sustainable digitalisation through different dimensions of openness: how can lock-in, interoperability, and long-term maintenance of IT systems be addressed? Björn Lundell and Jonas Gamalielsson
11:50:00 Paper 2 A Wikia census: motives, tools and insights Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz, Abel Serrano and Javier Arroyo Paper 2 Developing sustainable Open Science solutions in the frame of EU funded research: the OpenUP case Eleni Toli, Electra Sifacaki, Natalia Manola, Tony Ross-Hellauer, Edit Görögh, Michela Vignoli, Viltė Banelytė, Paolo Manghi, Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer and Yannis Ioannidis
12:25:00 Lunch Break & Poster session Room E200
14:00:00 Session 2 Open Source and Open Collaboration at Work Amphi B310
    chair: Stuart Geiger
14:00:00 Paper 1 An Investigation into Inner Source Software Development: Preliminary Findings from a Systematic Literature Review Henry Edison, Noel Carroll, Kieran Conboy and Lorraine Morgan  
14:35:00 Paper 2 Examining the Impact of Adopting Open Source Principles Inside Organisations Noel Carroll, Lorraine Morgan and Kieran Conboy  
15:10:00 Paper 3 Achieving Equilibrium: Use of Multiple Spaces and Media by FLOSS Workers to Improve Work-Life Balance Aditya Johri and Hon Jie Teo  
15:45:00 Coffee Break Hall
16:15:00 Industrial & Community session Amphi B310 Open session / Research Hackathon / Posters Room E200
  Facilitator, Olivier Berger, Telecom Sud Paris    
16:15 The Software Heritage Project Stefano Zacchiroli      
16:45 Qwant Tristan Nitot      
17:15 panel        
19:00:00 Welcome Apéritif-Dînatoire Hall

Day 2 – Thursday August 23

08:45:00 Registration   Hall
09:30:00 Announcement of the day Amphi B312
09:45:00 keynote speech Qualitative and quantitative studies and Wikipedia Amphi B312
  A discussion by Aaron Halfaker, principal research scientist at the WMF & Stuart Geiger, Scholar at Univ. Berkeley
10:45:00 Coffee Break     Hall 10:45:00        
11:15:00 Session 3a Measuring Open projects’ Value   Amphi B312 11:15:00 Session 3b User Dynamics in FLOSS/Wikipedia   Room B316
    chair:  N. Jullien
      chair: O. Berger
11:15:00 Paper 1 Developing A Framework to Assess Socio-economic Value of Open Data in India Sharon Buteau, Preethi Rao, Vigneshraja Kadirvell and Anshuman Kumar Mehta   11:15:00 Paper 1 Exploring the Relationship Between “Informal Standards” and Contributor Practice in OpenStreetMap Andrew Hall, Jacob Thebault-Spieker, Shilad Sen, Brent Hecht and Loren Terveen  
11:50:00 Paper 2 What is the Commons Worth? Estimating the Value of Wikimedia Imagery by Observing Downstream Use Kristofer Erickson, Felix Rodrigues Perez and Jesus Rodrigues Pere   11:50:00 Paper 2 Characterizing the Triggering Phenomenon in Wikipedia Anamika Chhabra and S. R. Sudarshan Iyengar  
12:25:00 Lunch Break & Poster session   Room E200 12:25:00
14:00:00 Session 4a Participation in Open Communities   Amphi B312 14:00:00 Session 4b Open Collaboration for Science and Education   Room B316
    chair:  A. Halfaker
14:00:00 Paper 1 Participation Inequality in Wikis: A Temporal Analysis Using WikiChron Abel Serrano, Javier Arroyo and Samer Hassan   14:00:00 Paper 1 Bridging Citizen Science and Open Educational Resources Cornelia Veja, Julian Hocker, Christoph Schindler and Stefanie Kollmann  
14:35:00 Paper 2 “Sharing small pieces of the world”: Increasing and broadening participation in Wikimedia Commons Amanda Menking, Vaibhavi Rangarajan and Michael Gilbert   14:35:00 Paper 2 University students in the educational field and Wikipedia vandalism retention Angel Obregon Sierra and Jorge Oceja  
15:10:00 Paper 3 The Consent Of The Crowd Detected In An Open Forum Mattias Mano, Jean-Michel Dalle and Joanna Tomasik   15:10:00 Paper 3 How FLOSS Participation Supports Lifelong Learning and Working: Apprenticeship Across Time and Spatialities Aditya Johri  
15:45:00 Coffee Break     Hall 15:45:00
16:15:00 Industrial & Community session : Measuring the value of an open online project Room B316
16:15:00 Open session / Research Hackathon / Posters Room E200
  Facilitators: Benjamin Jean, Inno3, Nicolas Jullien
20:00:00 Social Event and Best Paper Award     to be announced

Day 3 – Friday August 24

08:45:00 Registration     Hall 08:45:00
09:30:00 Announcement of the day     Amphi B312 09:30:00
09:45:00 keynote speech Collaboration and Security: solving hard problems users and organizations face Amphi B312 09:45:00
    by Ludovic Dubost, CEO of XWiki  
    chair: N. Jullien
10:45:00 Coffee Break     Hall 10:45:00
11:15:00 Session 5 Managing and Coordinating Open knowledge Collaboration Projects   Amphi B312
    chair: Claudia Müller-Birn
11:15:00 Paper 1 Do We All Talk Before We Type?: Understanding Collaboration in Wikipedia Language Editions Taryn Bipat, David W. McDonald and Mark Zachry  
11:50:00 Paper 2 Stigmergic Coordination in Wikipedia Amira Rezgui and Kevin Crowston  
12:25:00 Paper 3 Evaluating the Impact of the Wikipedia Teahouse on newcomer socialization and retention Jonathan T Morgan and Aaron Halfaker.

This paper has been awarded OpenSym 2018 best paper.

12:50 Final announcement  
13:00 Lunch Break & Poster session   Room E200
14:30:00 Open session / Research Hackathon Room E200    OpenSym Steering Committee Meeting Room B316

Poster List

The More, The Merrier: An Analysis of Editors’ Languages in Wikidata Lucie-Aimée Kaffee and Elena Simperl.
Challenges in the collaborative development of a complex mathematical software and its ecosystem Théo Zimmermann.
Match-Funding as a Formula for Crowdfunding: a Case Study on the Platform Enric Senabre Hidalgo and Mayo Fuster Morell.
A clustering approach to infer Wikipedia contributors’ profile Shubham Krishna, Romain Billot and Nicolas Jullien
Wikipedian: a social identity between work and contribution. Léo Joubert
How much are digital platforms based on open collaboration? An analysis of technological and knowledge practices and their implications for the platform governance of a sample of 100 cases of collaborative platforms in Barcelona Mayo Fuster and Ricard Espelt
How to estimate the value of open intangible assets? Robert Viseur