Proceedings of OpenSym 2021

Proceedings Front Matter


Proceedings CodeTitleAuthor Name & Affiliation
A1The platform belongs to those who work on it! Co-designing worker-centric task distribution modelsDavid Rozas (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Jorge Saldivar (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Eve Zelickson (Data & Society New York City)
Open data in digital strategies against COVID-19: the case of Belgium
Robert Viseur (University of Mons, Belgium)
A3How makers responded to the PPE shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis focused on the Hauts-de-France regionRobert Viseur (University of Mons, Belgium), Berengere Fally (University of Mons, Belgium), Amel Charleux (University of Montpelier, France)
From Open Science to Open Source (and beyond): A Historical Perspective on Open Practices without and with IT
Bastian Wolff (University of Cologne), Daniel Schlagwein (University of Sydney)
A5Measuring Wikipedia Article Quality in One Dimension by Extending ORES with Ordinal RegressionNathan TeBlunthuis (University of Washington)
A6Quantifying the Gap: A Case Study of Wikidata Gender DisparitiesCharles Chuankai Zhang (University of Minnesota), Loren Terveen (University of Minnesota)
A7Implicit Visual Attention Feedback System for Wikipedia UsersNeeru Dubey (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar), Amit Arjun Verma (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar), S R S Iyengar (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar), Simran Setia (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
Wikipedia Edit-a-thons and Editor Experience: Lessons from a Participatory Observation
Wioletta Gluza (Aalborg University Copenhagen), Izabella Turaj (Aalborg University Copenhagen), Florian J Meier (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
A9Extracting and Visualizing User Engagement on Wikipedia Talk PagesCarlin MacKenzie (University of Edinburgh), John R Hott (University of Virginia)
WDProp: Web Application to Analyse Multilingual Aspects of Wikidata Properties
John Samuel (CPE Lyon, LIRIS – UMR 5205, France)
Group Formation in a Cross-Classroom Collaborative Project-Based Learning Environment
Gail Rolle-Greenidge (The University of the West Indies, Barbados), Paul Walcott (The University of the West Indies, Barbados)
A12A Reference Model for Outside-in Open Innovation PlatformsPablo Cruz (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile), Felipe Beroiza (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile), Francisco Ponce (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile), Hernán Astudillo (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile)
Equal opportunities in the access to quality online health information? A multi-lingual study on Wikipedia
Luis Couto (University of Porto, Portugal), Carla Teixeira Lopes (University of Porto, Portugal)