All papers listed can be cited as appearing in the Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym 2014). ACM, 2014. The official place to get the proceedings from is the ACM Digital Library.


FW Foreword, Table of Contents, Committees, Sponsors Dirk Riehle


A1 Full Paper The Impact of Automatic Crash Reports on Bug Triaging and Development in Mozilla Iftekhar Ahmed (Oregon State University), Nitin Mohan (Oregon State University), Carlos Jensen (Oregon State University)
A2 Full Paper Socio-Technical Congruence in the Ruby Ecosystem Mahbubul Syeed (Tampere University of Technology), Klaus Marius Hansen (University of Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark), Imed Hammouda (Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Konstantinos Manikas (University of Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark)
A3 Full Paper On influences between software standards and their implementations in open source projects: Experiences from RDFa and its implementation in Drupal Björn Lundell (University of Skövde), Jonas Gamalielsson (University of Skövde), Alexander Grahn (University of Skövde), Jonas Feist (RedBridge AB), Tomas Gustavsson (PrimeKey Solutions AB), Henrik Strindberg (Findwise AB)
A4 Full Paper Utilization and Development Contribution of Open Source Software in Japanese IT Companies: An Exploratory Study of the Effect on Business Growth Terutaka Tansho (Shimane University, Japan), Tetsuo Noda (Shimane University, Japan)
A5 Full Paper Older Adults and Free/Open Source Software: A Diary Study of First-Time Contributors Jennifer Davidson (Oregon State University), Umme Ayda Mannan (Oregon State University), Rithika Naik (Oregon State University), Ishneet Dua (Oregon State University), Carlos Jensen (Oregon State University)
A6 Full Paper Hackers on Forking Linus Nyman (Hanken University, Finland)
A7 Short Paper Initial Results from the Study of the Open Source Sector in Belgium Robert Viseur (University of Mons)
A8 Short Paper Filling the Gaps of Development Logs and Bug Issue Data Bilyaminu Auwal Romo (Brunel University London), Andrea Capiluppi (Brunel University London), Tracy Hall (Brunel University London)


B1 Full Paper The Contribution of Different Online Communities in Open Innovation Projects Michael A. Zeng
B2 Full Paper Understanding Virtual Objects for Knowledge Creation in Communities Marc Marheineke, Hagen Habicht
B3 Full Paper Designing an Integrated Open Innovation System: Towards Organizational Wholeness Vasiliki Baka
B4 Full Paper Not Only for Ideation, But Also for Signaling: Incorporating User-Profile-Webpages into Virtual Ideas Communities Ulrich Bretschneider, Philipp Ebel, Shkodran Zogaj, Jan Marco Leimeister
B5 Full Paper Cross-fertilization vs. collaboration in simulations of open innovation Albrecht Fritzsche
B6 Short Paper Open Societal Innovation Jörn Von Lucke


C1 Full Paper From Mashup Applications to Open Data Ecosystem Timo Aaltonen (Tampere University of Technology), Tommi Mikkonen (Tampere University of Technology), Heikki Peltola (Tampere University of Technology), Arto Salminen (Tampere University of Technology)
C3 Short Paper The Social Shaping of Open Data through Administrative Processes Sirko Hunnius (IfG.CC), Bernhard Krieger (IfG.CC)
C4 Short Paper Open Data for Air Transport Research: Dream or Reality? Marc Bourgois (EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre), Michael Sfyroeras (EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre)


D1 Full Paper Why Do Some Students Become More Engaged in Collaborative Wiki Writing? The Role of Sense of Relatedness Wilson W.T. Law (The University of Hong Kong), Ronnel B. King (Nanyang Technological University), Michele Notari (University of Teacher Education Bern), Eddie W.L. Cheng (Hong Kong Institute of Education), Samuel K.W. Chu (The University of Hong Kong)
D2 Full Paper Investigating Incentives for Students to Provide Peer Feedback in a Semi-Open Online Course: An Experimental Study German Neubaum (University of Duisburg-Essen), Astrid Wichmann (Ruhr University Bochum), Sabrina C. Eimler (University of Duisburg-Essen), Nicole C. Krämer (University of Duisburg-Essen)
D3 Short Paper Learning process analytics for a self-study class in a Semantic Mediawiki Daniel Schneider (University of Geneva), Barbara Class (University of Geneva), Julien Da Costa (University of Geneva)


E1 Full Paper Creme de la creme: Elite contributors in an online community Katherine Panciera, Mikhil Masli, Loren Terveen
E2 Full Paper Structured Wikis – Application Oriented Use Cases Stefan Voigt, Frank Fuchs-Kittowski, Andreas Gohr
E3 Full Paper What do Chinese-language microblog users do with Baidu Baike and Chinese Wikipedia? A case study of information engagement Han-Teng Liao


F1 Full paper Information Evolution in Wikipedia Ujwal Gadiraju, Mihai Georgescu, Marco Fisichella, Andrea Ceroni, Kaweh Djafari Naini
F2 Full paper Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins (Redux): A Global Study of Edit Activity on Wikipedia and Wikidata Thomas Steiner
F3 Full paper Accept, decline, postpone: How newcomer productivity is reduced in English Wikipedia by pre-publication review Jodi Schneider, Bluma S. Gelley, Aaron Halfaker
F4 Full paper WikiBrain: Democratizing computation on Wikipedia Shilad Sen, Matt Lesicko, Ari Weiland, Rebecca Gold, Yulun Li, Benjamin Hillmann, Toby Jia-Jun Li, and Brent Hecht
F5 Short paper Consider the Redirect: A Missing Dimension of Wikipedia Research Benjamin Mako Hill, Aaron Shaw
F6 Short paper Chinese-language literature about Wikipedia: a meta-analysis of academic search engine result pages Han-Teng Liao, Bin Zhang


G1 Poster Supporting awareness of content-related controversies in a wiki-based learning environment Sven Heimbuch (University of Duisburg-Essen), Daniel Bodemer (University of Duisburg-Essen)
G2 Poster Reliability of User-Generated Data: the Case of Biographical Data in Wikipedia Rober Viseur
G3 Poster Rhizome and Wikipedia. A humanities based approach towards a structural explanation of the namespace Stephan Ligl
G4 Poster Measuring the Quality of Edits to Wikipedia Susan Biancani
G5 Poster Contropedia – the analysis and visualization of controversies in Wikipedia articles Erik Borra, Esther Weltevrede, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, David Laniado, Giovanni Magni, Michele Mauri, Richard Rogers, Tommaso Venturini
G6 Poster Geographic and linguistic normalization: towards a better understanding of the geolinguistic dynamics of knowledge Han-Teng Liao, Thomas Petzold


H1 Abstract Drupal as a Commons-Based Peer Production community: a sociological perspective David Rozas (University of Surrey)
H2 Abstract Impact of Collaboration on Structural Software Quality Ahmmad Youssef (Brunel University)
H3 Abstract “The Institutionalization of Digital Openness”: How NGOs, Hackers and Civil Servants Organize Municipal Open Data Ecosystems Maximilian Heimstädt (Freie Universität Berlin)
H4 Abstract Understanding Coopetition in the Open-Source Arena: The Cases of WebKit and OpenStack Jose Teixeira (University of Turku)
H5 Abstract Volunteer Attraction and Retention in Open Source Communities Ann Barcomb (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg)


I1 Full Paper Collaborative Learning of Translation: The Case of TransWiki in Macao Hari Venkatesan (University of Macau), Robert P. Biuk-Aghai (University of Macau), Michele Notari (University of Teacher Education Bern)
I2 Full Paper An Open Source Software Directory for Aeronautics and Space Andreas Schreiber (German Aerospace Center (DLR)), Roberto Galoppini (SourceForge), Michael Meinel (German Aerospace Center (DLR)), Tobias Schlauch (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
I3 Short Paper Opening Lesson Plans to Support Teaching Innovation and Open Educational Resources Adoption Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez (Universidad de Vigo)
I4 Short Paper Strategies for Promoting OER in Course Development and Course Delivery in ODL Environment Sheng Hung Chung (Wawasan Open University)


J1 Demo Wikirate: a claims-based system for collaboratively reviewing corporate behavior Vishal Kapadia (Wikirate e.V.), Ethan Mccutchen (Grass Commons), Lucia Lu (Wikirate e.V.), Philipp Kühl (Grass Commons)
J2 Demo Strata: Typed Semi-Structured Data in DokuWiki Brend Wanders (University of Twente), Steven Te Brinke (University of Twente)


K1 Tutorial Wagn: co-creating advanced web systems with simple wiki building blocks Ethan McCutchen (Grass Commons)


Abstract Let’s build the road network of civic tech Stef van Grieken (Google)
Abstract How you run a meeting says a lot about your values: Participatory Practices for Open Communities Laura Hilliger (Mozilla Foundation), Michelle Thorne (Mozilla Foundation)
Abstract Wikidata: How we brought structured data to Wikipedia Daniel Kinzler (Wikimedia Deutschland), Lydia Pintscher (Wikimedia Deutschland)
Abstract Inner Source: Coming to a Company Near You Soon! Klaas-Jan Stol (Lero)

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