OpenSym 2014 features a program comprised of multiple traditional research tracks and a community program geared towards industry and practitioner interests. Research and community presentations and performances will be accompanied by keynotes, invited speakers, and a social program in one of the most vibrant cities on this planet. This year, we will have four exciting keynotes/invited talks!

Please view the program as a PDF download, as a Spreadsheet, or as HTML images (overview, day 1, day 2, day 3). Use the PDF for easy printing.

You can also sample the abstracts by track from our blog:

Please note that we are experimenting with the format. For example, the first day will be single-track only to foster discussion on the various constituent aspects of open collaboration, be it open source or open innovation, open educational resources or Wikipedia, open data or wikis!

OpenSym features an open space track, which is a key ingredient of the event that distinguishes OpenSym from other conferences. Open Space makes it easy to talk to other researchers and practitioners and to stretch your imagination and conversations beyond the limits of your own sub-discipline, exposing you to the full breadth of open collaboration research. The open space track is entirely participant-organized, is open for everyone, and requires no submission or review.

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  1. Please provide us ASAP with an ETA for the program, to be able to plan attendance, book travel, etc.

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