A complete history of the OpenSym (formerly WikiSym) conference series. Local copies of PDF files are preprints that are 100% identical to the version published in the ACM Digital Library.

YearWEbsiteProceedingsACM Digital Library
2022OpenSym 2022Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings
2021OpenSym 2021Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings
2020OpenSym 2020Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings
2019OpenSym 2019Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings
2018OpenSym 2018Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings
2017OpenSym 2017Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings
2016OpenSym 2016Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings | Companion
2015OpenSym 2015Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings | Companion
2014OpenSym 2014Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2013WikiSym + OpenSym 2013Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2012WikiSym 2012Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2011WikiSym 2011Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2010WikiSym 2010Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2009WikiSym 2009Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2008WikiSym 2008Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2007WikiSym 2007Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2006WikiSym 2006Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)
2005WikiSym 2005Proceedings (Local Copy)Proceedings (ACM DL)

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  1. Fixed it, thanks! There were a couple of related broken links that we didn’t catch when changing the WordPress permalink structure. Please let us know if you find more.

  2. The link to the proceedings of wikisym 2008 (as opposed to the largely obsolete conference info)is not obvious to me, though I have now found them by guessing the url

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